Wake Up Jacob Set – Young PeeZee Edition


It’s time for the decendents of Jacob, who’s name was changed to Israel, to “Wake Up” and gain the true knowledge that you are the people of the “book” termed, the Bible.

12 Tribes of Israel:

1. Reuben

2. Simeon

3. Levi

4. Dan

5. Naphtali

6. Gad

7. Asher

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Wake up Jacob Set – Young PeeZee Edition Designed by Rhema Word Clothing, “Clothing that Ministers.”



Hat Type

Fitted, Snapback

Shirt Size

1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, Large, Medium, Small

Hat Color

Black, Light Yellow, White, White Foe Leather

Shirt Color

Light Yellow, Black, White

Fitted Hat Sizes

6 7/8 SMALL, 7 MEDIUM, 7 1/8 MEDIUM, 7 1/4 LARGE, 7 3/8 LARGE, 7 1/2 XL, 7 5/8 XL, 7 3/4 XXL, 7 7/8 XXL

Shirt Type

Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve