Cultured Paleo Art


  • Cotton, polyester, and spandex
  • Jean pocketed dress
  • Embroidered continent
  • Loose fit- true to size
  • Dry clean only

Great Awakening Clothing’s Co-owner Chirondala Maduka, A.K.A. Chi Chi drew out the Continent of Africa and included the true North East region of Africa that is always taught to be the “Middle East”. For the 1st time, we are putting an image out that can set a clear message regarding Israel being on the African Tectonic plate.

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Great Awakening’s artist is Cincinnati-based Quinn Battiste and owner of Battiste Imagery LLC.

Quinn Battiste retells his story of becoming an artist like many other children through the love of coloring books and crayons evolving into something more significant. Over the years of him drawing cartoon characters and tracing complex images, he found himself falling more in love with art. When Battiste was thirteen, he was accepted into the School for Creative and Performing Arts, where Battiste could transform his “hobby” into a tuned skill. Attending this school transformed the way he viewed the world; he deconstructed objects, seeing them as light and dark. Battiste discusses this in relation to the book of Genesis, where YAH creates Heaven and the Earth. Genesis 1:4 states, “And God saw the light that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.” For this artist, that verse had a significant impact on his view of art. He knew there was a purpose for separating darkness and light and a reason for this perfect blend. Quinn Battiste credits all of his work to YAH and hopes that his art will help spread truth and light.

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