Religion Kills Kill Religion


Religion was created by man to control the people.

Yahusha was a Hebrew Isrealite from the Tribe of Judah. He was not apart of a religious based organization created and named by man to mentally enslave other people.


His culture had and still has a lifestyle with standards, values, order, instructions, laws and commandments that were given to his ancestors by the Most High.

Many who have been born “into” a culture that is not bloodline related, majority of the time when of age, seeks out knowledge that can tell them more about who they are as an individual and where their ancestors came from etc. So to say that cultural history is irrelevant and unimportant is false.

Religion is not to be equated with culture, culture is blood related, it’s apart of a person’s identity, it’s not something that you pick up and put down whenever you feel like it; when it doesn’t suit you or justify your sin, like “pagan religion.”

For those who are not bloodline Hebrew Israealite descendants but have decided to truly follow Ha’Mashiac, understand that you need to replace your gentile culture with Ha’Mashiac Culture and leave pagan religion out of it. For those bloodline Hebrew Israelite descendants who are caught up in these man made religions that were founded on paganism…WAKE UP, your still sleeping.

…so…in a nutshell…KILL Religion before Religion KILLS you!

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