Hebrew by Popular Demand Hat


I’m sure you remember the revised term “Black by Popular Demand.” This term has been used to bring about solidarity when it comes to having pride as a myelinated individual in America while also having the understanding that indeed, our “blackness” or more correctly, our melanin is the most expensive natural resource on planet earth. It is that dark matter that has aided in the advancements of medical research, new scientific discoveries, inventions and the overall extension and longevity of human life.

More of the myelinated individuals are becoming more aware of the past and are able to now distinguish truths from lies. The word “race” is a word that was created to control anyone who was not “white,” which is incorrect, the correct word to use is Caucasian. Race is a classificatory term whose purpose was to  bring about more division amongst people i.e. Divide and Conquer.

Dr. Samuel George Morton believed that he could define the intellectual ability of a race by their skull capacities. The more volume that the skull had meant that the brain was larger which had to have summed up to being more intellectual. The less volume that the skull had meant that the brain was smaller which means you are just dumb.  He also concluded somehow that each race had a separate origin, and that  intelligence could be concluded in descending order. You don’t have to be a rocket scientists to know who was #1 on that list of his… YES! Caucasians were at the top and Negroes were the lowest, of course there were other “races” of people between.  We are at the bottom, yet our melanin is in high demand; I would say that we should be at the top of that list considering that our ancestor’s blood, intelligence and hard labor are in every inch of this nation. Without the Negro influence, America would not be what America is today from the White House, to the beloved thing that you may be using to read this with…wait for it… the cell phone that no one can live without.

For those of us who are AWAKENED, we now know that we have more rights as an individual if we classify ourselves as COLORED or NEGRO which is why they have taken that option away on documents. The only box that they have allotted for “race classification” is Black or African American which are incorrect. The Colored Negro are not Hematic Africans, we are HEBREWS who’s ancestors can be traced to Africa as a Sematic people. If they are determined to make us something that we are not, we should be determined to write in who we are in CAPS!

This brings us to the next point. Rhema Word Clothing has taken the “Back by Popular Demand,” revised “Black by Popular Demand” and we have revised it again to “HEBREW BY POPULAR DEMAND.” The goal is to express our knowledge of the truth of who we are as a people, as a HEBREW people who are also COLORED and NEGRO. We are proud of our heritage and we have no problem fashionably expressing it.

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Hebrew by Popular Demand Hat Designed by: Rhema Word Clothing, “Clothing that Ministers”

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Fitted, Snapback

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Black, Teal, White


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